Microphone Rentals

The mic is where it all begins. Live performances throughout the UAE use dynamic microphones, such as the storied Shure SM-58, whereas in the studio, the same performers use more sensitive condenser mics to record their performance. We provide a wide range of wireless microphones on rent in Dubai, that let you do away with those awkward connections. Just keep in mind that before you can roar like Axl or declare the spelling bee winner, you’ll need a microphone preamp, which may be integrated into your mixer.

You may customize our wide range of wired and wireless microphone rentals in Dubai UAE to fit precisely to the size and setting of your event. We can offer the ideal solution to meet your demands, whether you’re speaking from a podium or need to be hands-free during your presentation.

Rent microphones in UAE from the professionals who have been in the audio rental business in Dubai since 20+ years!