Sound System Rental Support

If you are missing something on your order, or you have a technical issue with rented equipment and you need to reach us:

During business hours:

Call +971 50 952 3065 or email [email protected]

Outside of business hours:

Call or WhatsApp +971 50 952 3065 and leave a Voice Note with the following info:

  • Name
  • location
  • Brief description of issue

Your message will be dispatched to an on-call support team.

Scope of support:

  • Our quality assurance team checks all equipment prior to pulling it for your order. However, while rare, we might miss an intermittent issue or damage can occur in transit. We will do everything we can to dispatch replacement equipment in the event that any equipment arrives damaged or non-functional. If a replacement is not available, you are entitled to a 100% refund for any equipment which is found to be defective.
  • You will receive the fastest resolution of your issue during our business hours. If possible, make plans to receive and check your order prior to your actual event.
  • If you find issues with equipment outside of business hours, it’s still possible to dispatch a replacement. However, there may be an extra delay, as our shop is not staffed 24/7 and someone will need to travel to get your issue resolved.
  • While we can answer technical questions in advance regarding your equipment, when we are experiencing high demand and supporting a large volume of customers, we may not be able to walk you through equipment setup or operation over the phone or in our shop. If you choose not to have our technicians set up your order, our support is limited to resolving issues with defective or missing equipment.